KitKat Kitkat Mini Chocolate (Matcha Tiramisu Flavour)
KitKat Kitkat Mini Chocolate (Matcha Tiramisu Flavour)

Kitkat Mini Chocolate (Matcha Tiramisu Flavour)


Matcha and tiramisu? The fusion of flavors makes for a super creamy and rich tasting experience. Go on, be decadent.

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Tiramisu is a well-known dessert, but not many people have tried matcha tiramisu. Matcha tiramisu is a popular dessert found in Kyoto, Japan, home of the best Uji Matcha. Nestle Japan has recreated this dessert masterfully into a delicious Kit Kat by mixing mascarpone cheese and cream cheese powder into the wafers of these Kit Kats. Combined with the bitter, but sweet, green tea chocolate, these are sure to please anyone who loves matcha.

These are seasonally limited and will only be around for a short time!

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